EU Funded Project

Since October 2020, VR Mirai Sp. z o.o. has been implementing an EU project entitled:

“Development of research methods and shaping coordination abilities together with a dedicated set of boxing training methods with a use of virtual reality”

The aim of our project is to develop using virtual reality (VR) technology experimental tests and methods of shaping coordination motor skills (CMS) along with training programs using boxing movements.

The created solution can be used in many areas related to sports science and physical fitness: school PE classes, training in the gym, in a sports club, during the selection process of players and during the rehabilitation of athletes. It will allow to carry out exercises and workouts remotely at a higher level of precision than traditional training thanks to the possibility of learning movements in VR. The originally developed methods of measuring and developing CMS in people practicing sports and training programs based on boxing movements will be transferred to a virtual training platform consisting of two applications: VR Motion Lab and VR Martial Arts.

As part of the project, the following R&D works will be carried out:

  • Development of proprietary tests, exercises and methods of shaping coordination skills in a virtual reality environment,
  • Development of boxing practice methods using VR and an experimental model of the opponent in 3D,
  • Development of the final version of the platform with two applications (a) tests and exercises of coordination skills (based on movements used in martial arts) and (b) boxing exercises.

The results of the project from the borderline of sport, physical activity and computer games will be introduced to the market by VR Mirai Sp. z o.o. According to the adopted strategy, the new product will be the company’s flagship product, setting out an innovative approach to professional CMS and boxing training and the possibility of implementing this tool on the market of applications and computer games, as well as companies providing services in the area of personalized training plans.

Project value: 4 743 343,91 PLN
Subsidy value: 3 591 701,96 PLN

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