About us


At VR Mirai, we believe that modern technologies are a great tool to make our world a better place. We believe that every business should bring value to other people’s lives and we create solutions based on this principle.


Virtual reality allows for improved quality of training, where we can train people in fields such as medicine, sport or all kinds of training – cheaper and more effectively. This also applies to motion-based computer entertainment, which allows in today’s world to smuggle in physical activity that is so necessary and often neglected in our lives. Therefore, we decided to build reliable scientific-based solutions that allow for motor training and martial arts training, in order to encourage young people and adults to be fit and agile. Both professionals and martial arts enthusiasts will be able to effectively improve their motor skills and learn boxing technique using the possibilities inherent in virtual reality.


Our ideas are shaped and delivered in two products – VR Motion Lab and VR Martial Arts. First of them allows to test and practice coordination motor skills. It is intended for both sports players, people practicing amateur sports, people in rehabilitation or even the disabled. All these groups need to develop their motor skills and can do so under safe conditions using scientifically proven methods. The second application allows for professional boxing training – from basic moves to advanced techniques, from simple sparring to difficult and complicated fights, from adventure for a single player to an advanced PVP mode with duels and tournaments. People at every skill level will find something for themselves and will be able to further develop their skills.


In VR Mirai we have a vision of using VR in many areas of human life. According to our approach, we want that our every project to benefit quality of life of others. We plan to develop new solutions in such areas of activity as psychological rehabilitation (e.g. supporting PTSD therapy), agriculture, functional food or waste management – in each of them VR can play an important role. We have an impact on what our future will look like.
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