Situations when real scientists and top trainers participate in the creation of professional training applications are rare. Ours is created with the greatest attention to detail and tested in every aspect. We know that our solution is effective!

Main Idea

Coordination motor skills are an important aspect for professional and amateur sports participants.

Skills such as reaction time, spatial orientation, differentiation of movements or rhythmization have a big impact on the effectiveness with which we practice selected sports. The field in which these qualities are clearly visible is boxing and other martial arts. That’s why we decided to make the world’s first professional VR app to test and train these skills.


The application consists of a long list of scientifically proven tests that allow you to assess and monitor the progress of users and many different exercises that allow you to hone coordination motor skills. It is a tool for the successful skill development of every VR user.

The results of both tests and exercises are saved in a database so that you can check the pace of progress and your strengths and weaknesses, which you should work on.


Training App

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