The history of games knows many cases when new hardware or technical capabilities allowed to create a new quality of solutions in well-known fields. This type of revolution is coming precisely in martial arts thanks to VR – and we are pioneers in the field of professional martial arts training!

Main idea

Virtual reality allows to simulate many situations in a very realistic way. Thanks to this, an ideal training environment is created – users will remember a lot of information while learning with the use of the whole body. We create a professional tool for martial arts training, which through entertainment and a precise, detailed training plan will allow you to learn many aspects of boxing.


VR Martial Arts will allow you to learn boxing from scratch to advanced boxing techniques and strategies, while allowing you to practice the acquired skills with a computer opponent as well as with other players.

In the first part, players will go through a professional training plan – from movement and basic punches to advanced boxing combinations. In the second part, they will be able to fight with an opponent with fully customized physical, motor and technical characteristics by modeling many types of opponents who will use artificial intelligence. Third step is the participation in duels and PVP tournaments so the players will develop their skills during boxing fights with other people.


Training App






In production

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